Dam Engineering (Hydropower & Irrigation)

The Company retains the skills necessary to survey, design, estimate, construct, monitor, and evaluate dams over a range of sizes and types for irrigation and power generation. ATES’s dam engineering expertise extends also to all fields regarding the design and building of infrastructure to support the construction and operation of its dam projects. Such fields include civil, hydraulic, and electrical engineering. ATES is fully qualified to evaluate sites for proposed dams, recommend construction types, design and build dams, obtain all necessary permits and licenses, and manage and administrate all phases of dam design, construction, and operation.

Personnel in the employ of or under contract to ATES have all the necessary equipment and expertise to model the hydrologic and hydraulic features associated with dam construction. The company also retains expertise in watershed dynamics and management, erosion and sediment control, flow measurement, and modeling and measuring water quality.

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