About US:

Afghan Tarin Engineering Services (ATES) is an engineering consulting firm specialised in studies, designs, works supervision, and Independent Safety Assessments (ISA), Due Diligences; and technical assistance. ATES is one of most competitive and dynamic engineering services companies in Afghanistan, emerging as one of the leading private companies in the country. ATES is a fast-growing business comprised of highly qualified Afghan and international professionals. The company’s AISA license number is D-39292, UNGM # 357428, CMS # 012340 and DUNS # 850504029.

As a broad-spectrum engineering services provider, ATES has professional capability in the surveying, design, estimation, monitoring, and evaluation of engineering projects in the areas of water supply, sanitation, irrigation, architecture, and road, bridge, dam, and airport, electrical engineering and telecommunications with underlying expertise in geology, geotechnics, and hydrogeology. The company works with organizations and private entrepreneurs both directly and through intermediaries, as they partner with various public, private, Afghan, and international organizations.

As one of the leading engineering services companies in the region, ATES also serves as an employment and economic development engine. Their experience in engineering projects of the sorts noted immediately above has given them familiarity with the permitting and regulatory environment of numerous jurisdictions.

The team of professional engineering and managerial expertise that ATES has assembled possesses impressive qualifications and intensive experience in the services that the company offers. Conforming to the highest national and international norms, standards, and codes, this team of professionals is dedicated to the timely delivery of sustainable projects of the finest quality to their clients.

ATES also maintains the highest standards of professionalism in the management and administration of the projects they undertake for their clients. The company is qualified to work throughout Afghanistan, and has partnered with governmental agencies from Afghanistan and foreign countries, nongovernmental organizations, and private companies and entrepreneurs.



ATES sees itself as a sustainable contributor to the development of Afghanistan, providing efficient, professional, and world-class services to its clients. The company is committed to being a leading provider of engineering services for the rehabilitation and sustained prosperity of Afghanistan.


ATES’s mission is to provide high-quality, innovative services across the range of engineering expertise that will contribute to the socio-economic growth and development of Afghanistan.

ATES is committed to consistently providing the highest value possible to its clients while managing and administering its projects efficiently and honestly. ATES aims to:

  1. Continually increase the quality and efficiency of its work
  2. Sustainably keep operating expenses as low as possible
  3. Realize its customer’s expectations for value


  1. ATES is committed to maintaining the highest reputation for providing consistent, reliable, and affordable services.
  2. ATES is committed to uphold the highest standards of fairness and responsibility concerning gender equality, environmental protection, accountability, and transparency.
  3. ATES is committed to the completion of all projects in accordance with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.



ATES has assembled a unique team of dedicated engineering, managerial, and administrative professionals to plan and execute engineering project that meet the needs of contemporary life.

The company’s multidisciplinary team consists of Afghan and international professionals, who work together to further the visions of ATES’s clients. The company maintains a policy of continuous communication with its clients, from the first conversations regarding a project to post-construction monitoring and maintenance. At every stage of every project, ATES provides all pertinent information regarding its status to each client, and diligently heeds each client’s concerns. The company has no higher priority than to realize the value the client envisioned for their project, and ensures that it has all the expertise and equipment to do so.

ATES utilizes an effective and responsible organizational structure for managing its clients’ projects. This system incorporates standard planning and reporting protocols designed to enable the successful completion of all projects. ATES organizational structure results in an informed and responsible chain of command throughout the company.

In summary, ATES formulates its business strategy as follows:

  1. Remain loyal to our vision, mission, and values.
  2. Utilize all resources necessary for the successful completion of each project.
  3. Employ the most qualified person possible for each position within the company.
  4. Continually strive for excellence.
  5. Work with clients who value excellence.
  6. Partner with those who also are committed to Afghanistan’s development.
  7. Develop our human resources to enable them to succeed in changing technical and business environments.
  8. Continually monitor and evaluate the quality of our services.

Provincial Coverage And Access:

ATES has its headquarters in Kabul, where its executive managers and engineers oversee the company’s operations throughout Afghanistan and evaluate possible projects for the future. The executive team also is responsible for the company’s financial and marketing efforts. The staff of local offices in the provinces is notable for their specialized expertise in the projects under their daily supervision.

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